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The Best Cheap London Shopping Spots for Women

Are you thinking to buy some stuff from the markets of London for your girl friend back home while touring the city of royals. Shopping in London is definitely not a good idea for men with low budgets as it is an abode of expensive and high profile markets selling renowned and branded stuffs only.    Within the establishments of huge and infinity malls, we bring you list of some markets having apparels, foot wares and accessories at affordable prices.

World’s leading Brands have outlets in almost all parts of the world and buying such brands is definitely not a good idea to flatter your mate.  London’s street market in that case is best pick if you are looking for cost effective stuff with London origin.

Portobello Market: if you are looking for some antique articles for your female counterpart, Portobello market stores the solution for you.  Along with buying some trendy female clothing, you can relish mouth watering street food for yourself.

• Garden Market : We all know that Women loves jewellery and if your lady love too is fond of some antique  ornaments, Garden Market is must to visit.
• Borough Market : While shopping and roaming in the lanes of city, if you want to give spicy tang to your taste buds, go on to visit Borough Market. Some of the best street foods   in hundreds of variety can be found here.
• Petticoat Lane Market:  named after the long skirts worn by females under sari, called petticoat in India is famous for leather jacket which every female loves emphatically.

You can get anything in London, from top-notch shopping brands to mouth-watering cuisine varieties to ultimate hangout zones. London is also famous for its high-end escort females. Airport travel escorts, hourly service escorts and others are found here to give you a bang!